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new arrival

Postby Bomo » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:59 pm

Nicholas :
- 28 & Maryland:
- Number of Testicles: 2
- Do you use a blizzard authenticator? If not, why? I have never used it. no reason y just haven't
- How long have you played WoW: to fucking long
- Endgame experience (What bosses have you killed): 3/11 M Antoran wastes
- Prior guild(s) & your reasons for leaving: (Insight) they stopped raiding
Character Information:
- Name & Class: Bomolicious Druild
- Link to Armory: ... omolicious
- Race & professions: Tauren/ alchemy Max
- Main-spec, off-spec, and how often do you play your off-spec? Feral main/ off spec tank Off off spec bal ( not the best at ) 70/30
- Explain your normal rotation and spell/ability priorities:
- How many artifact traits do you have in your weapons (all specs)? Feral 26 tank 17 healing 11 Bal 18
- Which legendaries do you have? Are you currently farming any? 12 legendaries. farming 3
- Explain your choice of gear for main & offspecs (include stat priorities and breakpoints): Main Crit29 haste18 mast68 ver18 off spec tank crit28 haste6 mast22 ver18 dodge27
- Where do you do most of your research & testing to improve your character? Warcraft logs / ask mr robot

Other Information:
- A Screenshot of your character's UI in a raid:
- Logs from warcraftlogs: ... omolicious
- What kind of computer do you use? CPU/Memory/Video Card? Typical FPS during mythic raid? ill have to check all that. my build is 1 year old I do just fine in raids
- Why should we accept you over anyone else of your class/spec? because druid rock !!!
- Why Simple Math? How did you find us? Is there anyone you know in Simple Math? I talk to one of you guildes the other day about your guild it seen pretty chill and get shit done so that's what I'm looking for. grow as team kick ass like a team
- Run a speed test and ping test targeting New York. Link the results below. download 65.64Mdps up 90.56Mbps
- Finally, we ask that you draw a picture using MS Paint (Windows) or Paintbrush (macOS).

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Re: new arrival

Postby grouch » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:39 pm

How do get through a single day on this planet without practicing the ability to read and understand basic fucking directions?
you would not feel sadness
if you never tasted joy

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Re: new arrival

Postby Mooby » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:07 am

We are going to go ahead and pass on this application.

Guess we will be missing the new arrival.
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