What We Expect From You
  • Parses - Warcraftlogs

    All applicants must provide parses of their performance from a prior raid. We use these meters to see if you are a good match for our guild. This is not optional - anyone can say they do top DPS, but we'd rather see it for ourselves.
  • Personality, Intelligence and Effort

    Most people in this guild are fairly friendly, but that doesn't mean we're soft. We expect you to learn from your mistakes and to own up to them. If you can't deal with criticism, a loud & offensive Discord environment, or if you make the same mistakes many times, don't apply. If you are not putting 110% into each and every raid, expect to be sat for someone who is.
  • Attendance

    Simple Math raids Tuesday to Thursday from 8pm to 12am eastern time. Players should attend a minimum of three raids per week and post in our attendence channel when they can attend a raid. We can work around most schedules as long as the officers know about it beforehand. We understand that real life issues happen and are happy to accommodate you, but we need the lines of communication open. If you disappear without warning, don't expect a raiding spot when you return.
  • Hardware/Software

    All applicants must have a stable connection to the internet that allows them to use WoW and Discord simultaneously. If you frequently disconnect or have an issue with speaking or listening using Discord, do not apply.
What You Can Expect From Us
  • Loot

    We distribute items via Officer Loot Council. We place loot where we believe it will do the most good for the guild and to reward players for dedication and skill.
  • A Raid Spot

    As said before, we do not recruit backups or bench-warmers. Some fights require raid stacking - please be ready to sit or respec depending on the fight. If there is a piece of loot you need from a boss you're being sat on, make sure an officer knows and we'll bring you into the raid.
  • Repairs, Consumables, etc.

    Because we are the leading progression guild on our server by a wide margin, we offer benefits to our members such as guild bank repairs, the raid consumables, enchanting materials, and gems.
Ready to Apply?

To join Simple Math, head on over to the guild application forum and follow the instructions for filling out an application. After submitting your application, members may wish to ask you questions so check your application frequently. Also make sure you've logged out in appropriate gear and your battle.net profile is updated.