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Dreamers to Memers
posted by Oneshot on 02.06.17
Heroic Nighthold has been cleared and Gul'dan lies in a pile of dust. Mythic Helya, Rainbow Monster Skorpyron, Timey-Wimey Chronomatic Anomoly, and Cake Boss Trilliax have also fallen as we push forward into mythics.

We are coming for you, Darkness Incarnate!



As always we are looking for top notch players (and memesters) to round out our roster! Apply today!
Knights of the Nightmare
posted by Carbon on 11.10.16
Mythic Xavius and Cenarius were both bested this week, just in time for us to fish some "fresh" loot out of Odyn's beard and Helya's moist depths in the Trials of Valor.


As a reminder, we are always looking for top notch players to round out our ranks. Apply today!
We are Warlords
posted by Carbon on 07.26.16

Another expansion completed and another force forever reckoned with by our teamwork and determination! We eagerly await for what Blizzard has in store for us with Legion. We welcome everyone to join us in our fight against the green armies preparing to invade! If you think you got what it takes to join our side, then head over yonder and submit an application today!

They call us Simple Math, "For We Are Many."
Archimonde Annihilated AGAIN
posted by grouch on 11.21.15
Apparently getting killed once wasn't enough, Archimonde shows up again eight years later with a fancy new hat and a thirst for blood.

After over four hundred horrible attempts we finally had a good one ringing us in at US #73!



Check out Xiun's recording of the kill. Head over to the Simple Math Youtube Channel for even more excitement and don't forget to subscribe!

Also... Keoni REALLY SUCKS at posting announcements. See you in Legion!
Mannoroth Mutilateddddddd
posted by grouch on 10.25.15
In typical Simple Math style we're posting our video and screenshot a week late. Mannoroth fell to our hand on October 14th making it a US #74 kill.


Big thanks to Xiun for taking the time to put together a video of our kill. Head over to our YouTube Channel to view the rest of our kills.