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RIP Die Slow Worm
posted by Copia on 11.21.18
This boss was stupid.

It was about time...
posted by Copia on 11.09.18
We were hungry for a kill, so we killed Zul.

Uldir's Science Fair
posted by Mooby on 10.08.18
After braving through the packs of corrupted loa test subjects, we resurrected Hamsword, and turned our sights to the amalgamation of failed experiments known as Fetid Devourer.

After popping the breakouts of infected pimples, our heroes play a game of Where's Juggs.

Once found, we put the three headed project out of it's misery.

V-Virus Vectis cured!
posted by Clammy on 09.29.18
Entering the second room from the Halls of Containment, Simple Math discovers the secret within the Plague Vault; The Umbrella Corporation managed to sneak inside Uldir and create the deadly pathogen Vectis! Against all odds, Vectis was no match for Simple Math and Vectis was eliminated!

Cracking Open Zek'Voz Like a Lobster!
posted by Clammy on 09.21.18
After a guild dinner at Red Lobster, we encountered our first fiend in the Ring of Containment, Zek'Voz, who was guarding a titan module. We took out the mallets and lobster bibs then made quick work of the herald of N'zoth.