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Death Knight
Demon Hunter

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Tuesday - Thursday @ 8pm - 12am EST
posted by Clammy on 09.16.18
After battling numerous bugged defense beams, we persevered through MOTHER's sanitation protocols and opened the doors into the darkness that resides inside Uldir.

Argus Unmade
posted by Mooby on 06.04.18
Thirteen weeks ago, a handful of former Simple Math raiders and friends left behind our alt raiding guild project, Peach Kitten Licks, with one goal. Make Simple Math great again. Since reforming we have dominated the Andorhal server cluster, true to tradition, in our climb of Antorus the Burning Throne.

Now we sit here after unmaking the unmaker, with yet another end tier realm first kill to add to our collection, looking forward to our ultimate goal. Reclaiming Simple Math's place among the top US guilds in Battle for Azeroth.

Do you think you have the drive to reach that goal with us? Apply now!


Get a Grip
posted by Mooby on 05.01.18
Some say our Death Knights were professional fishers in a past life, others say a certain Warlock completely soloed Aggramar. Whatever the case may be, Aggramar and the might of his sword, Taeshalach, were not enough to floor our rapid ascent of the burning throne.

Although some couldn't handle the heat of Taeshalach, the strong among us find our way into the Pantheon to face the final threat of Antorus.

Only Argus the Unmaker now stands in our way of reclaiming end tier realm first dominance.

Begone Thots
posted by Mooby on 04.16.18
After releasing Varimathras from the torment of the Coven of Shivarra, the Shivarra shifted their focus on tormenting the titans. But with the power of god and anime on our side, we freed the titans from their grasp and are now nine of eleven in our climb of the Burning Throne.

Now only one threat stands in the way of Argus the Unmaker.


The Torture of Varimathras Ends Here
posted by grouch on 04.03.18
After a lifetime of bad deals and poor decisions, the dreadlord Varimathras was put to rest by the #1 failed screenshot artists of Andorhal.