Unholy- Demon hunter

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Unholy- Demon hunter

Postby Unholy » Fri May 03, 2019 3:02 pm

Player information:
- Age & Location:
19 Brazil

- Number of Testicles:

- Do you use a blizzard authenticator? If not, why?
Yes i do

- How long have you played WoW:
5 years since mop

- Endgame experience (What bosses have you killed):
7/9M with Jaina to 14% (sat on blockade so guild could get another spriest in)

- Prior guild(s) & your reasons for leaving:
Tranquil- guild died on jaina

Character Information:
- Name & Class:
Unholydh, Demon hunter

- Link to battle.net Armory:
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/chara ... s/Unholydh

- Main-spec, off-spec, and how often do you play your off-spec?
Havoc main spec, vengeance off spec. I barely ever play it, since its so weak

- Explain your normal rotation and spell/ability priorities:
Using blade dance on cooldown, immo aura on cooldown, eye beam on cooldown and low fury (if using blind fury talent). Exception for eye beam usage exists, such as add spawns, but only if saving it wont lose me a cast overall

- Explain your choice of gear for main & offspecs (include stat priorities and breakpoints):
For havoc, i just use raidbots.com to find the optimal gear for the spec. For vengeance, utilizing highest ilvl pieces and, if the ilvl difference is small/non existant, folloing haste>vers>mastery>crit

- Where do you do most of your research & testing to improve your character?
Most of my research comes from the DH discord and logs, both personal and other people's logs to compare myself and see what they are doing differently

- Why should we accept you over anyone else of your class/spec?
Im very competitive and i try to play the absolute best everytime, including doing other people's jobs to make sure we kill the boss

Other Information:
- A Screenshot of your character's UI in a raid:

- Logs from warcraftlogs:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... s/Unholydh (all of it from pugs). I was a hunter for jaina (currently have a monk, a dk, a hunter and a dh on mal'ganis i would be open play any for progression, tank or dps. But geared atm, only the dh and hunter)

- What kind of computer do you use? CPU/Memory/Video Card? Typical FPS during mythic raid?
Intel core i7-7700 3.6 GHz
NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
14GB DDR4 Ram

- Why Simple Math? How did you find us? Is there anyone you know in Simple Math?
I found simple math on wowprog. I want simple math cause its a weekend guild, which is huge for me with my schedule. I know ultron and damson from heroic sales, and i was in the same guild as bewbz during jaina progression

- Run a speed test and ping test targeting New York. Link the results below.

- Finally, we ask that you draw a picture using MS Paint (Windows) or Paintbrush (macOS).

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Re: Unholy- Demon hunter

Postby Dippindots » Wed May 08, 2019 5:51 am

Guild went weekends if you want to apply just get ahold of me on discord at Dippindotts#5074

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