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MW Monk

Postby Durt » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:53 am

Player information:
- Age & Location:
27 - Ohio

- Number of Testicles:

- Do you use a blizzard authenticator? If not, why?
No. I use a password manager with hardware token.

- How long have you played WoW:
Off and on for every xpac start for ~11 years

- Endgame experience (What bosses have you killed):
Currently 8/9M BoD, 8/8M CE Uldir. Completed Nax & Ulduar hardmodes with a top 100 US guild called Monolithic on Wildhammer back in WOTLK.

- Prior guild(s) & your reasons for leaving:
Started this xpac on Illidan with Caustic. Had a friend from the server they xfered to in it. Progression slowed so I started looking back on Sargeras because i have other friends there. Found a 2 day guild Ambition. Their leadership is lacking and we've lost several members that has affected raiding schedules (start times & cancelled raids).

Character Information:
- Name & Class:
Durt - Monk

- Link to Armory: ... geras/durt

- Main-spec, off-spec, and how often do you play your off-spec?
Mistweaver. No offspec, have recently started gearing a hunter alt

- Explain your normal rotation and spell/ability priorities:
I generally try my best to maximize my EF effectiveness during every fight. This requires getting a lay of the movement, positioning, and timings from pulls. I will then find when it is most beneficial to hold EF vs casting it. While holding/waiting on EF, i use ReM on CD and fill heal the tanks with Vivify & Soothing mist.

As for talents, there isnt much variation with MW. Generally you swap your defensive (magic vs physical dmg), sometimes take tigers lust for extra root removal, and sometimes take Refreshing Jade WInd over statue for really bursty fights (stormwall & jaina, or wanting to pad on re-clears xD)

- Explain your choice of gear for main & offspecs (include stat priorities and breakpoints):
I try to follow best i can from the nerds who maintain the Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet.
According to their calculations, crit and vers are the top stats. I also use this spreadsheet for azerite trait rankings. Nothing comes close to bonded souls trait for MW, and there are only 3 pieces that have it, so that takes care of that.
TLDR, i trust the maintainers of this spreadsheet to steer me in the right direction. I only deviate when i don't win the loot lottery.

- Where do you do most of your research & testing to improve your character?
Monk discord, warcraft logs, and the Teachings of the Red Crane spreadsheet.

- Why should we accept you over anyone else of your class/spec?
I come from a competitive sports background and will take initiative to handle/do in game mechanics whenever possible due to the high mobility and utility the monk toolkit has while also doing my best healing at the same time.

Other Information:
- A Screenshot of your character's UI in a raid:

- Logs from warcraftlogs: ... rt#zone=21

- What kind of computer do you use? CPU/Memory/Video Card? Typical FPS during mythic raid?
i7, 32gb ram, 1070, average probably 70-80fps @ 2k resolution

- Why Simple Math? How did you find us? Is there anyone you know in Simple Math?
Ally is dead. Found you on wowprogress

- Run a speed test and ping test targeting New York. Link the results below.

- Finally, we ask that you draw a picture using MS Paint (Windows) or Paintbrush (macOS).
i suck at drawing.

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Re: MW Monk

Postby Mindalus » Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:27 am

We are going to pass on this application at this time. Good luck in your guild search!

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