Panzar - Warrior (Fury/Arms)

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Panzar - Warrior (Fury/Arms)

Postby Panzar » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:06 pm

Player information:
- Age & Location: 24 Atlanta, GA
- Number of Testicles: 2 but testicular cancer runs in my family so fingers crossed.
- Do you use a blizzard authenticator? If not, why? Yes
- How long have you played WoW: August 2007 until now. Roughly 11 or so years.
- Endgame experience (What bosses have you killed):
I've raided since BC but only cleared the current raids on normal until WoD.

Death Jesters -
Tier 17 World 264/US 72, Tier 18 World 248/US 60, Tier 19 World 172/US 52, Tier 20 World 231/US 70, Tier 21 World 305/US 101

Mÿstic -
Tier 22 World 390/US 123

End it All -
Tier 23 (7/9M) World 370/US 127 Mekkatorque

- Prior guild(s) & your reasons for leaving:

Mystic - Leadership were remnants of the core that left Death Jesters, but they got burned out with raiding and BFA.
End it All - Guild disbanded because our GM (Adamax) asked around and the core weren't having fun because we were hard carrying 6 or 7 people and it was making raiding not fun for a lot of people. (These two are basically the same guild so I count them as one)

Defenestrate - I thought I could handle raiding until 2am EST, but it's just too exhausting. I'm not in college anymore.

Character Information:
- Name & Class: Panzar Warrior
- Link to Armory: ... age/Panzar
- Main-spec, off-spec, and how often do you play your off-spec? I can play Fury and Arms equally well for Mythic content. I have played Prot in the past when needed M Cenarius, but I'm not super with prot yet for BFA.
- Explain your normal rotation and spell/ability priorities:
Opener: Pot -> (If execute procs during any of this and I’m not full rage, but am enraged execute would be thrown in. This also assumes favorable Bloodthirst crits.)
Charge/ Reck mid charge so the GCD comes up as you get to the boss ->
Mekka trinket + Siegebreaker -> Bloodthirst -> Rampage -> Raging Blow -> Bloodthirst -> Rampage -> Dragon's Roar -> Bloodthirst -> Rampage -> Execute (proc) -> Rampage -> Raging Blow -> Rampage ->

Overall rules as you go through the rotation is you need to always be using something as fury is gcd capped.
I think the rotation changes slightly if you have a lot of Cold Steel, Hot Blood traits. I do have them so this is my rotation.
Rampage when not enraged or above 90 rage > Reck on CD > SB during reck or in between recks (SB always waits for reck and not the other way around) > Execute > Bloodthirst > Dragon's Roar when enraged > Raging Blow > Whirlwind.

The overarching premise is to maintain the highest amount of enrage uptime, while also minimizing rage wasted from capping while maximizing rage generation.

- Explain your choice of gear for main & offspecs (include stat priorities and breakpoints): For Fury with Cold Steel traits Crit and Mastery alternate as the best stats. There's a lot of little breakpoints but generally it's Crit ~> Master >> Haste > Vers >> Strength. I just run a top gear sim for all of the permutation of gear sets, enchants, and gems I could use and use the highest dps.
- Where do you do most of your research & testing to improve your character? Warrior discord, warcraft logs looking at other warriors, talking to prominent parsing warriors, simming different gear setups constantly on raidbots, and playing on PTR to test upcoming traits if possible.
- Why should we accept you over anyone else of your class/spec? I dislike these questions because I feel egotistical tooting my own horn. Looking past that discomfort I put in 100% effort for my team in terms of making WAs, researching fights, researching how to optimize our comp or make the best use of our comp, farming azerite, and making sure I'm as good as possible on my own class. I always strive to facilitate the fastest and most efficient progression as possible. I hate missing raid and pour all of my leisure hours into my team. Sitting is 100% fine for me if warrior isn't good or I'm having an off night because we're all human. If you all tell me to sit on bench for 400 boss pulls over a month I will.

Other Information:
- A Screenshot of your character's UI in a raid:
- Logs from warcraftlogs:
- What kind of computer do you use? CPU/Memory/Video Card? Typical FPS during mythic raid? I built my own PC. I have an i7-8700K CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and a GTX 1060. Typical raid FPS is ~40.
- Why Simple Math? How did you find us? Is there anyone you know in Simple Math? I like the stability the guild offers being around an impressive 10+ years. After looking at some of your kill and progression videos (twitch vods mostly) I believe I'd mesh well with your raid team environment.
- Run a speed test and ping test targeting New York. Link the results below.

Ping: Image

- Finally, we ask that you draw a picture using MS Paint (Windows) or Paintbrush (macOS).


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Re: Panzar - Warrior (Fury/Arms)

Postby Mindalus » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:53 am

We're going to pass on this application, best of luck in your guild search!

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