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Grimma 60 Warrior

Postby Grimma » Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:57 pm

Player information:
-Age: 26
-Location: California
-Usual playtimes: 5-9 PST
-Do any others have access to your account: No
-How long have you played WoW: 1.5 years
-Endgame experience: MC on Medivh Server

Character Information:
-Name: Grimma
-Race: Troll
-Class: Warrior
-Level: 60
-Professions: Axesmith, Miner
-Talent Spec, are you willing to respec?: 0/36/15 yes
-Attunements: MC attuned
-Gear information, detailed: Hands, Braces, Belt of Heroism
Helm, Shoulders or Valor
Woven Ivy Necklace
Phantasmal Cloak
Carapace of Anub'shiah (chest)
Abyssal Plate Leggings of Striking
Sappiron's Scale Boots
Legionnaire's Band (ring)
Band of the SteadFast Hero (ring)
Mark of the Chosen (Trinket)
Blackhand's Breath (Trinket)
Bloodseeker (range)
Draconian Deflector (shield)
Dal'rend's Sacred Charge (main hand)
Bone Slicing Hatched (off hand)
Helm of the Executioner (tanking helm)
Stoneform Shoulders (tanking shoulders)
Sacrifical Gauntlets (tanking gloves)
Lavawalker Greaves (FR boots)
Gyth's Skull of Fire Resist (FR Helm)
Emberplate Armguards of the bear (FR bracer)

-Amount of FR: 68 with all FR gear equipped
-Current and Highest PvP Rank on this character: 1st Sgt
-Prior guild(s) on this server and the reasons for leaving:
PWNTang (guild disbanded)
Sympathy for the Devil (guild disbanded)
PVP (gquit after being with them for a month and never enough online for even a 20 man raid)

Other Information:
-Alts on this server, and their name/level: Taith, 6 Mage
-Out of game contact information:
-Why Simple Math?: Know a few within the guild from our PWNTang Guild
-Who referred you?: Soyldpaantz
-Anything else you feel we should know about you?:
-Finally, we ask that you draw us a picture using MSPaint: I can't figure out how to post my picture... Im HTML dumb.. I need icons =)[/img]

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