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Player information:
- Age & Location: 20 & Wisconsin
- Number of Testicles: 2
- Do you use a blizzard authenticator? If not, why? Yes... who doesn't?
- How long have you played WoW: Since Alpha.
- Endgame experience (What bosses have you killed): 11/14H SoO Top US 15 --- 6/7M Highmaul, and 6/10M Blackrock Foundry.

Character Information:
- Name, & Class: Ziedoss & Monk/Mistweaevr
- Link to Battle.net Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/i ... oss/simple
- Race & why you chose it: Blood Elf... looks cool! Kidding, for the Crit buff.
- Professions and why you choose them: Enchanting, and Skinning(Been planning on getting rid of Skinning). Chose Enchanting since it'd be cheaper to Enchant my own items, and help others out.
- Spec, Dual spec. How often do you play other specs? Mistweaver, off-spec is Brewmaster... rarely play my off-specs.
- Explain your choice of gear for main & offspecs (include stat priorities and breakpoints): Primarily collecting gear with Multistike > Critical Strike due to them being BiS... I do not have my BiS Wrists/Tier Gloves sadly yet so I'm missing out on roughly 700-800 Multistrike, which would be a huge healing increase.
- Explain your normal rotation and spell/ability priorities: Depending on the fight, I keep my Extended Life on Tanks, if anything I tend to keep them on DPS/Healers due to a good Holy Paladin, I keep my Renewing Mists up at 100% uptime, and Uplift whenever small-large amounts of damage goes out, even if none for a large amount of time to generate Mana Tea for late on in the fights. Also while not casting anything I tend to have my Soothing Mists on the Bosses Tank Target for optimal healing.
- Prior guild(s) & your reasons for leaving: All my own, attempted to form my own during HFC, merged... and fell apart sadly.

Other Information:
- A Screenshot of your character's UI (THIS NEEDS TO BE A SS IN A RAID):
- Logs from warcraftlogs or worldoflogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... 29/latest/
- Why Simple Math? How did you find us? Is there anyone you know in Simple Math? Oneshotmcgee added me from my Forum post. Y'all seem like a Guild I'd be apart of for a long time, and I'd love the opportunity to be in there with y'all.
- What kind of computer do you use? CPU/Memory/Video Card? Typical FPS during a 25-man raid?
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHZ 3.50GHZ
Installed Memory(RAM): 2T
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
- Run an internet speed test against New York at speedtest.net and pingtest.net. Link the results below.
Speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4547354844
- Finally, we ask that you draw us a picture using MS Paint (Windows) or Paintbrush (OSX). Link it below.

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