PSA: WoW Tokens and Virtual Whores

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PSA: WoW Tokens and Virtual Whores

Postby Sozin » Tue May 05, 2015 12:07 pm


I thought since it's been awhile since your friendly neighborhood online jackass posted something I would throw some information out there on WoW Tokens.

I've been noticing a trend of high gold value of tokens in the early AM (EST) hours... good time to sell a token!
Low gold values in the late evenings... good time to buy a token!

This doesn't fully jive with the times on charts @ but you can clearly see the algorithm at work. On a pretty consistent basis, daily atm, the price is fluctuating across a pretty high standard deviation in NA. This is unlike EU/CHN in which prices are kind of mehhhh on the overall shifts.

Other fun stuff (addons):
WoW Token Watch - Can be configured to buy or sell with basic events.
Goldtime Token - Tells you what the $$$ value of an object or stack of things is based on the current token price.

Hope this is useful, as always hit me up if I can help. I'm a gold whore so I'm actually planning on possibly funding a couple of additional accounts via the wow token.


Since I know some of you only respond to mspaint drawings:

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