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Caught Black-Handed - posted by grouch on 05.30.15 This corrupt orc has been traveling all over the land of Draenor destroying guilds and causing cancer BUT when he pointed his siege tanks at our garrisons the proud goblin fighters of Simple Math dismantled his weapons and burned him to the ground.


Check out Paranoia triggering bombs, Minted getting sat, and Copia completely losing his humanity on the Simple Math YouTube channel and don't forget to click subscribe!

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Blasted Furnace... - posted by grouch on 04.14.15 After the completion of what is possibly the most pointless fight in the history of World of Warcraft we're preparing to scrub off the blackest hands that Draenor has ever seen.


Check out Dance's perspective of the kill on the Simple Math YouTube channel. Subscribe today!

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Iron Maidens down, Aces high! - posted by grouch on 03.25.15 With Iron Maidens down, all that stands in the way of Blackhand (aka the destroyer) is the dreaded Blast Furnace.


Check out Dance's perspective of the kill on the Simple Math Youtube channel. Subscribe today!

And now, something to take the bad taste out of your mouth after listening to Dance's music... ACES HIGH:

It's all Ogre! - posted by rahba on 01.30.15 I don't have a lot to say because I spent about half the time working on this boss than others in the guild. Congratulations to the guild, and thank you to all that put the time in on this boss.


I'm sorry for stealing your spot Eon. Videos of the kill will be posted later.
Butcher Butchered by Basterds - posted by rahba on 01.08.15 With Butcher dead we are currently 5/7 Mythic, our rank still sucks but it's fine. Keoni said so.


We are the number #1 guild without any warlocks.