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Archimonde Annihilated AGAIN - posted by grouch on 11.21.15 Apparently getting killed once wasn't enough, Archimonde shows up again eight years later with a fancy new hat and a thirst for blood.

After over four hundred horrible attempts we finally had a good one ringing us in at US #73!



Check out Xiun's recording of the kill. Head over to the Simple Math Youtube Channel for even more excitement and don't forget to subscribe!

Also... Keoni REALLY SUCKS at posting announcements. See you in Legion!
Mannoroth Mutilateddddddd - posted by grouch on 10.25.15 In typical Simple Math style we're posting our video and screenshot a week late. Mannoroth fell to our hand on October 14th making it a US #74 kill.


Big thanks to Xiun for taking the time to put together a video of our kill. Head over to our YouTube Channel to view the rest of our kills.

Tyrant(s) Overthrown - posted by grouch on 09.20.15 While certain tyrants in the guild were *not* overthrown, Tyrant Velhari recently met her demise. Thanks Xiun for putting together a video of the kill.


Don't forget to subscribe to the official Simple Math YouTube channel!

GET IN MAH BELLY - posted by grouch on 08.24.15 We STILL suck at screenshots but at least mythic Gorefiend is dead. We also killed some bosses after Gorefiend but they aren't worth a screenshot, so we are 9/13 now. Currently weighing in at US 100 we're working hard to complete this tier in preparation for 800 weeks of farm content.



Xiun has been nice enough to start recording our kills (since Dance is a toolbox) so check out a mage's point of view on the official Simple Math YouTube channel. Subscribe today!

Caught Black-Handed - posted by grouch on 05.30.15 This corrupt orc has been traveling all over the land of Draenor destroying guilds and causing cancer BUT when he pointed his siege tanks at our garrisons the proud goblin fighters of Simple Math dismantled his weapons and burned him to the ground.


Check out Paranoia triggering bombs, Minted getting sat, and Copia completely losing his humanity on the Simple Math YouTube channel and don't forget to click subscribe!

Simple Math is currently recruiting all classes and roles, apply today!